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House of Culture in Novostava

The club in Novostava is a center of culture and creativity for the villagers. To make the place comfortable and cozy, they decided to renovate the building. During the renovation, special attention was paid to the roof.

  • 428 m² of metal tile
  • 126 m² of metal profile
  • 6500 m² of metal profile
  • 90 m/s of gutter

For a roof to be durable and reliable, it needs to be covered with high-quality and certified materials. For the house of culture in Novostava, we have chosen: glossy metal tiles "Symmetry", glossy metal profiles TP-8 and TP-20. The entire coating is chocolate brown in color.

The metal profile and metal tiles were made from raw materials of the Slovak plant U.S. Steel Košice, the largest steel producer in Central Europe.

We also provided accessories for the installation of the coating - self-tapping screws and individual bent elements. In addition, we selected a modern drainage system from the Polish company Bryza.

The gutter and downpipes are made of PVC, resistant to environmental influences, and easy to install.

The order was completed in three months - September-November 2019. Do you want to see the finishing live? Visit the club in Novostav, Boriatyn, vulytsia Tsentralna, 105.