Metal tiles

Metal tile "Quadra. Module"

Wave pitch
350 mm
Useful width
1140 mm
Total width
1220 mm*
Material thickness
0,45-0,5 mm
Maximum recommended length
750 mm
Minimum allowable roof slope
* ± 1% depending on the width of the workpiece


Matte colors (according to the RAL system)

Glossy colors (according to the RAL system)


Metal tile "Quadra. Module" is a new metal tile profile. Due to its unusual geometry and 3D edge cut, the metal tile imitates new types of natural tiles to the maximum extent possible. Installation of modular metal tiles "Quadra. Module" is convenient for roofs with a complex slope structure. An example is a multi-pitched roof with dormer windows, several chimneys, terraces and balconies. The small size of the individual modules ensures their versatility, mobility and compatibility with any structural elements and components of the building.  Another advantage of "Quadra. Module" is a significant reduction in waste during the arrangement of a multi-pitched roof. The combination of whole modules with their segments, as well as many options for their location, allows you to achieve the best indicator of rationality in the assembly of the roofing, and the installation of individual elements will be quick and convenient.