Metal tiles

Metal tile "Quadra"

Wave pitch
350 mm
Useful width
1140 mm
Total width
1220 mm*
Material thickness
0,45-0,5 mm
Maximum recommended length
7 m
Minimum allowable roof slope
* ± 1% depending on the width of the workpiece


Matte colors (according to the RAL system)

Glossy colors (according to the RAL system)


Metal tile "Quadra" is a new profile of metal tile. Thanks to the original geometry and 3D edge cut, the metal tile has a modern and modern look. Metal tile "Quadra" is manufactured on modern equipment in sheets up to 7 m long.


  • «Quadra» 5/20
  • «Quadra» 20/20
  • «Quadra» 25/20
  • «Quadra» 30/20

In the labeling, the first digit is - the height of the wave in millimeters, and the second - length of the "spout" before the first wave.